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"abra abra cadabra" - a map to one of those deep dark forrests that people always stupidly get lost in [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"abra abra cadabra" [Dec. 29th, 2003|01:32 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |a park ranger talking to a tour group about gettysburg]

"i wanna reach out and grab ya"..... its 1 30, and im taking break from a movie. its one of those "dont you know what your doing please stop". it got to intense, ill finsih it in about 15 mintues. owning mahonney is very good though, i took a very percise trip to blockbuster about three hours ago and got it. i dont know why i felt it as "percise" i think it was becuase of the money exchange at the end, there was very few words with the clerk"ess" and all the hand movements were very "right angled". also when i got on the door i for some reason stood at the curb, looked at the reciets, folded them and placed them in the trash can. now im happy.
i love the silence of alone. i like clock after i say my forst word of the day after waking up. its the best when its a large amount of time. i think the same can be applied to this trip to blockbuster. i didnt look at the time though this time, it was more of an observation. i hadnt spoken in a while and i was in the store and walking around and one of the clerks asked how i was doing and if i needed any help and in all honesty i thought she was talking a different language, she wasnt speaking "silence". so i stumpled out a hello, good, and no.
ive been inside for a long time. im not being lazy, today was a beuatus day, or at least i think it was becuase i saw the wheater channel and veiw out of my window. its been i think three days of sickness in bed and what not, still not sick of tv, although ive never done a strech this long i think. its starting to make sense, like that guy in that movie PCU who watches tv all the time looking for that one thing and then he finds it, im starting to really figure out tv (your thinking to your self what is there to figure out, watch for 72 hours and youll understand)
i like watching speedvision. i think its becuase on the commercials for the channel they alway advertise one of there programs like "watch nascar this sunday" and then they end the blip with "exclusivly on speed". they dont call it speedvision, or speed channel, they call it speed.(which im not on)
ive figured out that i enjoy football becuase its like a soap opera and a medevil battle combined.
these people with these hobbies, (i dont really have a hobby) but these people with these intense hobbys like civil war reinatcments or stamp collections and what not, how to they start. are they just sitting there one day and go, im going to start doing this becuase i feel like it. a better question. how do con men becuase con men. do they just become con men, or do they need a con men teacher, and then how do they become there own con man. do they graduate or just leave, or do they need to wack off the teacher con man.
i watched the movie confidence and i enjoyed the movie and wasnt impressioned by it. i didnt want to be a con man after wards. it made me want to play mouse trap though or do some other intricate game, but not become a con man (i think its becuase i have no idea how to start)
id also like to know how to become a consciecous objector, becuase i mindlessly signed up for the selective service, wait now i remember why i did that... financial aid. ok well after i dont need that any more.... the point is theres going to be a draft if bush wins the next election and im not going to iran or syria iraq or any place else hilter feels like sending people.
i dont feel like talking about that. i dont think i would have writting in this if i had enough energy to write in my journal. so much handenergy the other way and this takes much less thought. i think im ready to go back to the depressing movie. i should have gotten a comedy to back it up.
on a final note, i got a red army hat from china for chrstmas.